Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt

With about 200 original etching plates of the artist Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt (1895-1976) we possess a unique collection of the famous animal painter and illustrator. Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt’s (1895-1976) colour engravings are famous all over the world. He is one of the great copper engravers of the 20th century. His name can be found in all important reference books such as Thieme-Becker, Benezit or the Vollmer art lexicon.

Kurt Meyer-Eberhardt was born in Leipzig. He studied at the Weimar Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under the artists Theodor Hagen and Lionel Feininger. He rejected a professorship in Weimar and went to Munich, where he decided to work entirely on animal engravings. Since 1917, his work has been published by the Hanfstaengl Publishing Company in Munich, London and New York.